Warning: this series contains themes and language not suitable for a younger audience, viewer discretion is advised.

We Play Danganronpa is a let's play series of the video game "Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc". The episodes were uploaded to TTV's gaming channel "TTV Nerfed" (formerly the TTV Podcast Archive), however 3 abridged episodes were uploaded to the TTV Channel.  

Voice Actors

Due to the game having voice acting for only major parts of the game, the hosts do their own interpretations of the voices.

With each host voicing the following characters.

Eljay: Makoto Naegi, Chihiro "Chimichanga" Fujisaki, Byakuya "Barricuda" Togami

Mesonak: Hifumi Yamada, Kiyotaka "Taka" Ishimaru, Celestia Ludenberg, Yasuhiro Hagakure

Varderan: Leon Kuwata, Mondo Owada, Aoi Asahina, Sakura Ogami, Monokuma

Prpldragon: Sayaka "Sayogurt" Maizono, Toko Fukawa, Kyoko Kirigiri, Junko "Junk" Enoshima



To Survive

Boy's Life of Despair

Stand Tall, Galactic Hero

All Star Apologies

100 Mile Dash; Pain of a Junk Food Junkie

Ultimate Pain, Ultimate Suffering, Ultimate Despair, Ultimate Execution, Ultimate Death

Abridged Episodes

Abridged Episodes are episodes of the Danganronpa Let's Play that have been trimmed down to around half an hour in length, then placed on the TTV Channel. However this concept was abandoned as it was fairly time-consuming.


  • This is first TTV Plays to be unrelated to LEGO and completed.