"We take apart what you build."

Ven's MOC Spotlight is a show where Venom goes over MOCs made by other people and comprehensively reviews them. Sometimes these are MOCs he finds on the TTV Message Boards, while other times they are from other places, such as LEGO contest entries. These videos are usually about 10 minutes long, and are hosted by Venom.


The episodes have featured two intros. The original one showed Venom building a red MOC, posing it holding a piece of paper with the show's title, and taking a picture of it. This intro has been changed several times, and after episode 87 it was shortened to just show the title card. Ven introduces himself and goes over his point system: the appearance of the MOC, the overall build, and the concept the MOC was based on. Each category amounts to 10 point, for a total score of up to 30. Ven then goes over the MOC (or MOCs, in some cases). Sometimes, he give points during the review, while other times, he waits until the end of the review to give points. Following the "Ven Sucks" controversy in 2017, Ven dropped the point system entirely.

Episode list

  1. "Starscream" by Varderan
  2. "Toa Mahri Hahli Revamp" by BricksofAwesome
  3. "Droyds" by deaddude (part 1/2)
  4. "Droyds" by deaddude (part 2/2)
  5. "Akutahn" by RoaMcToa
  6. "The Balanced Warlord, Sovereign" by Shadowgear6335
  7. "Ekorak, Predorai Knight" by Ekorak
  8. "Baruka, Native Son" by Chro
  9. "The Nagrath" by Harvey Cu
  10. "DrScorpionX" by DrScorpionX"
  11. "Stampy the Dinosaur" by Likus
  12. "Hydro" by syoya
  13. "Life-sized Compsognathus" by Artahka
  14. "Tyrannosaurus Rex" by darkenski
  15. "G2 Creep" by Creep
  16. "Agori Vehicle 2" by ToaNael
  17. Ven's M.O.C. Spotlight: Acknowledgements and Updates!
  18. Spotlight: "Xares" by Darkuta
  19. "Swordfish" by rahiden
  20. "Selpurus the Lamia" by Dagarak the Melon Knight
  21. "Dark Stag" by Duo Moko
  22. "Dionysus" by TolerantAxe97
  23. "Nydoretha" by Mohamed Marei
  24. "Ekimu the First" by helryx
  25. "Hien" by fuh-min
  26. "Shaku-Yaku" by Peguo
  27. "Diaa, Predecessor of Light" by MSEP
  28. "A.R.C.U.S." by Celtic Spartan
  29. "DarkBeing, The Centaur" by NightofTheeAbyss
  30. "Omega Looch" by Ghosty
  31. "Cordak, the Last Makuta V3" by Cordak the Last Makuta
  32. "Tataramoa" by icemonster
  33. "Headless Horseman" by Mohamed Marei
  34. "The Mask of Victory" by Eljay
  35. "Onua" by Gale Winthrope
  36. "Protector of Rapture" by Dr_Chronos
  37. "Phazon the Corruptor 2.0" by Gus_The_Maurice
  38. "Skull Blazer" by IGU
  39. Ven's M.O.C. Spotlight: Acknowledgements and Conclusion of 2015
  40. "Sigma" by Guy Who Likes Red
  41. "Hunter Bolaka" by albert_r_broccoli
  42. "Zyglak" by The Wanderer
  43. "bionicle" by looknob
  44. "The Rose" by MuffinToa
  45. "Olarokh, Toa of Sonics" by MrBoltTron
  46. "Blattarax" by Luigi1456andrew
  47. "Dino-Riders Monoclonius" by RoaMcToa
  48. "eURESA" by cezov0514
  49. "Chicken" by Darknova3529
  50. "Makuta Teridax" by Galva101
  51. "Dreife" by Chromega
  52. "Fire Dragon" by Poharu
  53. "Spiriah The Exiled" by The_Wanderer
  54. "The Emperor of Darkness" by kishidog
  55. "Meskii V3" by Alieraah
  56. "Titanosaurus Wrex" by Red
  57. "Élivágar the Ice King" by TheChosenOne
  58. "Terror Bite" by IGU
  59. "Sigma Takanuva" by Likus
  60. "Babylon, Sage of Life" by Poharu
  61. "Anubisath" by Alieraah
  62. "Crete: Broadcasting Fanatic" by CoconutFanatic
  63. "The Dentist's Chair" by Disty
  64. "Firthan" by BlackboltJohnson
  65. "Gigana, the Vorox Queen" by Anaru_LST
  66. "Insectoid Rahi" by Mechmaster
  67. "The Bohrok Buster" by thefallenfell
  68. "Red Flower" by Darknova3529
  69. "Goliath" by Mesonak
  70. "Lungorthin the Devil" by The Chosen One
  71. "Makuta, the Serpent of Okoto" by Tora
  72. "Dust Slizer" by MSEP
  73. "Makuta, the Mask Breaker" by Djokson
  74. "Kairos the Overseer" by Shadowgear6335
  75. "Toa Uxar" by prpldragon
  76. "Makuta of Victory" by Eljay
  77. "The Hermit" by vampirebohrok
  78. "Makuta, the Mad King" by IllustriousVar
  79. "Makuta the Bringer of Despair" by poharu
  80. "Zyrec" by Bionic.T.B.
  81. "Dipper Pines" by Tora
  82. "Boxor 2.0" by Alex_Twenty_Two
  83. "Sauron the Great" by Dominato Space
  84. Ven's M.O.C. Spotlight: In Memory of Adazai
  85. "Visorak Sentinels" by GatoFeo
  86. "Toa Corion, Toa of Fire and Ash" by Zalgo79
  87. Ven's M.O.C. Spotlight: Conclusion of 2016 and Updates
  88. "Hydrogen, Bearer of the Stars" by BricksOfAwesome
  89. "Wah and WAA" by Ghidora131
  90. "Daevel, the Devil of Hetand" by Kemzal
  91. "Tahnok, Fire Burrower" by LoganMcOwen
  92. "Novan, the Fire Brawler" by PakariNation99
  93. "Steampunk Self MOC" By Rota_Lorem
  94. "Attack on Ta-Koro" by BricksofAwesome
  95. "The Nui Rama Invade Le Koro" by AIDY_The_BOOKLE
  96. "Nui_Jaga Nest Battle" by ReeseEH
  97. "Kulta, the Skull Samurai" by Mister N
  98. " Tenebris the Pyromancer" by IonicNova
  99. "G1 Soundwave" by DominatoSpace
  100. "Shadowstep V2" by Jayfa
  101. "Vec" by Bionic.T.B.
  102. "Dagon, the Great Leviathan" by Jayfa
  103. "Vahtou V9" by Tyrigsus8V
  104. "Fafnir, the Great Dragonslayer" by Kronus2915
  105. "Syvon, the Acperience Warden" by Monarth
  106. "Rust Ghoul" by LordOblivion
  107. "Moriarch" by Darkraimaster99
  108. "Dark Lord Mightus" by TolerantAxe97
  109. "Gravotor: G4-Rotor" by Darknova3529
  110. Ven's M.O.C. Spotlight: Reformation
  111. "Nalcrodox" by Belicure
  112. "Rorzakh" by Mister-N
  113. "Old Cottage" by Brickpiler
  114. "Uxar, Lord of the Forest" by Monarth
  115. "Chinese House" by Samtastictogo
  116. "The Hunter-Gatherer" by ZiontyroMetalhead
  117. "Hex: Dragon Lord of the Undead" by Jayfa
  118. "Shaman Dabez" by Sparky
  119. "Kurahk's Snowmobil" by Sokoda
  120. "Star Wars BrickHeadz" by Jitil
  121. "Sentile, the Forgotten Guardian" by Darkraimaster99
  122. "Soul Hunter" by Monarth
  123. "Atlas V2" by Atlas_1
  124. "The Candle" by BricksOfAwesome
  125. "Blattarax, New Version" by Luigi1456andrew
  126. "Matriarch" by Gringat
  127. "Bohrok the Cleaner" by Mister-N
  128. "Come to Daddy" by Dart_Qrman
  129. Ven's Collection
  130. Ven's Collection Part 2! MOC Update!
  131. Teridax, Rahkshi, and Jetblack Raptor!
  132. Jaw-Tong Slammer and Brawler!


  • The early intro before episode 87 had a theme of Ven finding something non-Lego in his parts bins.
  • Episode 84 was a memorial for Boards member Adazai, who had recently passed away.

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