Alright guys, I'm gonna be blunt this time around since we have a crew focusing on expanding stuff. Let's hope it doesn't die again.

I made Invader an admin a while back since me and him know a ton about editing Wikia articles and such. He has changed the site background and such for us, which I greatly appreciate.

As for what needs to be done:

  • The TTV shows are still first priority. Also, we will not make pages for different podcast episodes. I will delete previous ones (remind me please) and instead, just list all the episodes and link them on the pages where the shows are contained.
  • The only TTV cast member that needs completion now is Invictus. Now, we just gotta keep these pages updated. However, now it is time we make pages for the TTV Moderators! I already created the Chronicler page for myself. Remember not to display any bias in pages, alright guys?
  • Jokes and tropes still need to be covered, of course.

I also need to address that everyone reads the Policy and Rules, which can be found on the front page of this wiki. Invader is working on some of the policy pages, but the rules should be covered.

Thank you all for helping out!


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