Well, since the founding of this wiki, we have made progress to the main page, making pages for the Cast Members, and other articles. But I think it is time that we make progress on some of the shows and episodes that appear on TTV, which will require a lot of editing. I'll need as any volunteers as I can, and I'd appreciate it if any new people come on here, you make wikia accounts so we can also be one happy family. :D

Other than that, I have made Willess12 as a rollback due to his edits on the wiki. He is trusted with the responcibility of "rolling back" vandalized pages on this wiki. Besides, he's a hard worker for wikia.

Other than that, the wiki needs to expand:

  1. The TTV Shows are the wiki's first prioroty at the moment.
  2. Meanwhile, we can also make pages for jokes and tropes in the show or on the message boards. Making pages for your own self will NOT be allowed unless it is on your own userpage. Only TTV cast, admins, and moderators get additional pages.
  3. Like I said, jokes or tropes in the community are allowed to be pages now. But I recommend helping with the shows first.

That's all I need to say. I thank Willess12 and any other editors that have come on here without my awareness about your contributions to the wiki.


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