Top Tens is a recent series hosted by TTV, revolving around top ten moments of various points in BIONICLE, from top ten deaths to top ten plot twists. Episodes are hosted by different members of TTV. All the lists are subjective in nature.

List of Episodes

  1. Top Ten BIONICLE Deaths (Varderan)
  2. Top Ten BIONICLE Books (Eljay)
  3. Top Ten Weirdest BIONICLE Sets (Mesonak)
  4. Top Ten BIONICLE Plot Twists (Viper)
  5. Top Ten BIONICLE Villains (Kahi)
  6. Top Ten BIONICLE Masks (Venom)
  7. Top Ten BIONICLE Toa (TakumaNuva)
  8. Top Ten Best BIONICLE Sets (Eljay)
  9. Top Ten Best BIONICLE Set Waves (Vaderan)
  10. Top Ten Worst BIONICLE Sets (Mesonak)
  11. Top Ten BIONICLE Dark Hunters (Viper)
  12. Top Ten Best BIONICLE Functions (Venom)
  13. Top Ten Most Unique BIONICLE Rahi (TakumaNuva)
  14. Top Ten Best BIONICLE Video Games (Kahi)
  15. Top Ten BIONICLE Disappointments (Mesonak)
  16. Top Ten BIONICLE Weapons (Viper)
  17. Top Ten BIONICLE Combo Models (Venom)
  18. Top Ten BIONICLE Controversies (Eljay)
  19. Top Ten BIONICLE Comics (Takuma)
  20. Top Ten BIONICLE Commercials (Viper)
  21. Top Ten BIONICLE 2015 Animations (Eljay)
  22. Top Ten BIONICLE Battles (Kahi)
  23. Top Ten TTV Channel Moments of 2015 (Varderan)
  24. Top Ten BIONICLE Minions (Eljay)
  25. Top Ten BIONICLE Makuta (Venom)
  26. Top Ten Unused BIONICLE Concepts (Mesonak)
  27. Top Ten Rarest LEGO Minifigures (Venom)
  28. Top Ten Ninjago Villains (Prpldragon)
  29. Top Ten Shortest Lived LEGO Themes (Varderan)
  30. Top 10 Lego Controversies(Eljay)
  31. Top 10 Most Expensive Lego Sets(Jon)
  32. Top 10 Ninjago Ninja(Mesonak)
  33. Top 10 Lego Licensed Themes(Ven)
  34. Top 10 Lego Themes of 2016(Mesonak)
  35. Top 10 Best Things about BIONICLE G2(Mesonak)
  36. Top 10 Lego Gifts for 2016(Ven)
  37. Top 10 Lego Gifts of 2016 (On a Budget)(Jon)
  38. Top 10 Lego Minifigures of 2016(Mesonak)
  39. Top 10 Lego Sets of 2016(Mesonak)
  40. Top 10 TTV Channel Moments of 2016(Mesonak)
  41. Top 10 LEGO Ninjago TV Show Episodes (Mesonak)


  • Exxtrooper and Tenebrae Invictus are the only active Cast Members to not have an episode.
  • TTV members have expressed surprise at the amount of views the Top Ten Rarest LEGO Minifigures video has.
  • The entries for the Top 10 TTV Channel Moments lists were submitted by members of the TTV Message Boards, selected by TTV Cast Members, and then ordered by the Message Boards members.

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