The TTV Podcast - 257 was released on July 24th 2017 to Patreon and July 25th 2017 to YouTube. It features discussion of the Justice League Poster, Defenders Trailer, and Phweffie's film fatigue.


The episode begins with Mesonak announcing that they are going to try splitting the podcast into two podcasts. This first half of the recording will be a podcast which will not contain any G3 discussion, while the latter half will become a second podcast of indeterminate name with G3 discussion. They quickly switch to critiquing the newly revealed Justice League poster. Mesonak finds the action-figure-esque look of the actors as uncanny. Then they find flaws in The Flash's "net" design. They speculate about whether Ben Affleck will remain in the DCEU and mourn the loss of Linkin Park member Chester Bennington. After praising Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman and the Injustice portrayal of Superman, they admit that Zack Snyder makes good opening scenes. Varderan's greatest critique of Snyder is his overuse of otherworldly imagery. They decide that the LEGO poster for Justice League looks better than the actual poster, and that Justice League's Cyborg has too little flesh. Phweffie says she didn't like the Defenders trailer, but it's discovered that she was talking about the Inhumans trailer. Jon defends the MCU's Phase Three. Jon promotes Spider-Man: Homecoming to Phweffie as unique from the other Spider-Man films, but the rest of the cast argues against this. Phweffie tries to explain that she's tired of movies, especially adaptations of existing properties, but everyone interrupts her. Antics ensue.

Eljay defuses the situation be asking Phweffie if she'll see The LEGO Ninjago Movie, to which she says, "I'd love to". They quit the Spider-Man discussion because they planned to do a TTV Talks livestream about it later that day. Tensions rise when Phweffie mentions offhandedly that she saw The LEGO Batman Movie, despite the Caped Crusader having the most film adaptations under his utility belt of any comic book hero. Fortunately, they are all able to laugh about the song choice of the Inhumans trailer. They chat about Game of Thrones and Overwatch rumors. The hosts ask Prpldragon to tell a story about her recent visit to Egypt, and she says that she nearly passed out. The episode concludes with a Patreon shoutout to Scorpion_Strike.


  • Half an hour after the cast recorded this episode, they recorded the first episode of Brainstorm.