The TTV Podcast - 242 was released on April 10th, 2017 to Patreon and Youtube. The episode contains discussion about Jon's thoughts on romance in G3, weapon designs for the Toa, and ideas about the environment of G3.


The Episode begins with the first iconic moment being Venom parodying Jon's name during the name call, calling himself "Venathan Vuan" which began a short segment of the rest of the cast making puns out of Jon's last name. After some miscellaneous discussion (primarily surrounding twitter), the G3 discussion began, with a debate about romance in BIONICLE G3, which was started by Jon, who was being "roasted" behind his back.

High School Podcast

"High School Podcast"

Before the actual G3 Discussion began, TTV answered a question brought up by the live studio audience "what has Jon been doing being idle in the recording chat?", Jon answers it by saying that he went to bed and must've been synced to the recording chat somehow. The discussion is abruptly stopped due to an image being posted by Whaddon of the live studio audience of the heads of TTV at the Washington Monument, pasted onto to film "High School Musical", but with the word "Musical" being changed to "Podcast".




  • According to TTV patrons Prentice and Wolk, Jon was ghosting in the Discord audio chat for around 17 hours that day.