The TTV Podcast - 235 was released on February 19th 2017 to Patreon and February 20th 2017 to YouTube. It features discussion of the results of their Brickonicle contest.


The episode begins with some Overwatch banter and a Patreon Plug. Phweffie coins the term "Patron of the Podcast". Quickly, Mesonak gives a Patreon shoutout to DTinaglia Studios. They notify fans that Nathan Furst is releasing the remastered Mask of Light Soundtrack on March 4th, 2017. Jon jokingly warns about a spoiler in the track name "Toa Reunited and Death of Jaller".

Eljay reviews the results of the Brickonicle contest. ReeseEH won third place with "Nui-Jaga Nest Battle", AIDY_the_BOOKLE won second place with "The Nui Rama Invade Le-Koro", and BricksOfAwesome won first place with "Attack on Ta-Koro". Mesonak assures everyone that all of the entries were phenomenal and that choosing three was ridiculously difficult.

Discussing "Nui-Jaga Nest Battle", Jon praises the quality of the set's LDD render and the brick-built rahi. The cast expresses the opinion that many of the contest entries were over-priced, asserting that the standard ratio is 10 parts to 1 USD. Moving on to "The Nui Rama Invade Le-Koro", Eljay praises the apparently accurate scale of the model, and Mesonak admires the modularity of the model. They also mention the set's creator's Lewa minifigure design. They joke about Eljay being an expert in "Miru-ology", so Takuma asks, "How can you teach class, when you have no class?". Eljay responds with "You better shut your trap, or you're gonna get classed". The cast bursts into laughter.

They finally move to "Attack on Ta-Koro". They are all in agreement that this set deserves first place. Among their reasons for thinking so were the brick-built Rahkshi, the Matoran minifigures, the depth of the set, and tGhe collapsing bridge function. They discuss some honorable mentions, several of which are G2-inspired. Meso and Jon defend their selection of G1 sets as winners by arguing that G1 has more worldbuilding than G2. Takuma admits that he probably wouldn't buy any of these sets, but they would still sell well, giving him the accompanying story.

Mesonak spotlights Ragdoll's Tahu minifigure concept. They praise the head & mask ideas. Exx reports that he has not yet begun to design his own version of toa minifigures, and he warns that the plastic might be too thin in some places on the mask. The cast discusses the Rahkshi's lack of individuality, and they close the episode.


  • This episode features a Patreon shoutout in the first few minutes of the episode.
  • Eljay went over all the entries to the Brickonicle contest in a separate livestream on his own channel.