The TTV Podcast - 232 was released on January 19th, 2017 to Patreon and January 20th, 2017 to YouTube. It features discussion of BIONICLE minifigures.


The episode begins with the cast welcoming Exxtrooper back to the podcast. He gives a shoutout to Message Boards member decepticonaiden's per-request drawing of him riding a Truckasaurus Rex, wearing a cape, while desperately trying to eat a waffle as he drives faster than Sonic while there's also a cactus-penguin who's upset about the declining economy. Exx compares Venom's "On Ebay Today" to BIONICLE G2, Venom jokes about pizzeria chains, and Takuma ponders the disturbing concept of talking pillows. An appraisal of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them turns into a discussion of Call of Duty's flaws. Plugging the Message Boards, the cast praises the quality of the entries in their Brickonicle contest. Venom, (presumably sarcastically) suddenly announces that he's been planning fights between cast members at Brickfair outside of the convention. First, he'll fight Mesonak while Eljay fights Jon. Then he'll fight Varderan and Eljay.

They take a moment to admire how great their Brickonicle contest entries are, and Varderan commissions Exxtrooper to make system BIONICLE minifigures. After catching Exxtrooper up to speed on their G3 thought-experiment. Exxtrooper agrees that BIONICLE would work better as a system theme. He argues that it is essential to keep the standard minifigure design in order to keep the collectibility of the minifigure. Mesonak asks Exxtrooper whether the deviating LEGENDS OF CHIMA minifigures are desirable. Exxtrooper feels that the LEGENDS OF CHIMA minifigures failed due to their deviations. Venom brings up the question of how the size of the toa should compare to the size of humans, feeling that the toa should be taller than human-representing minifigure. Jon answers that G1 had the problem of being too alien. There were no families, different genders were in different tribes, and there was no romantic love. He says that the Big Figs have the same problem, since they have little articulation. Jon starts to praise NEXO KNIGHTS' fully articulated yet larger Axl minifigure as a good modification to the minifigure, saying he'd like to see Onua as an Axl figure, which Venom dubs a "mid fig". Exxtrooper says that kids love playing with larger characters, citing the NEXO KNIGHTS Ultimate Figures. They discuss the role of the matoran in the worldbuilding of BIONICLE 2001-2003. They close urging Exxtrooper to create these custom BIONICLE minifigures and give a Patreon shoutout to Rory Mann.