The TTV Podcast - 231 was released on January 23rd, 2017 to Patreon and YouTube. It features discussion of baby building and parents.


The episode begins with the cast acknowledging that every member of TTV except Exxtrooper is present. They announce the January 28th Patreon livestream, and Eljay and Meso start the "No-Friends Club". Takuma announces that he's just been hired to be a web programmer and confirms that he'll be at Brickfair Virginia 2017. After some joking speculation regarding whether Prpldragon will be at Brickfair, Eljay hints at his new show. He doesn't give the show's name in the episode, but it turned out to be Pins & Axles.

After creepy jokes about new shows turn into macabre jokes about guillotines and Greg Farshtey, Varderan and Phweffie rant about each of their fathers' behavior with their phones. Takuma casually mentions the store "Once Upon a Child", and Eljay mistakes this for a "Build-a-Bear Workshop" for making infants. Antics ensue as Mesonak, the host, listens in morbid curiousity. The podcast seems to recover while Phweffie and Prpldragon share brief anecdotes from their days as toddlers. Then the "Build a Baby" discussion returns in the form of the "Build a Parent" discussion. Varderan gives a callback to the start of the episode by joking about trading in his dad for another. The parents discussion prompts Phweff to marvel at how quickly her own parents ceased to be concerned with her trip to Brickfair in 2016. They also discuss what their parents think of The TTV Channel, until Jon mispronounces "train wreck". Then the podcast figuratively erupts.

In a valiant effort to bring BIONICLE into the podcast, Takuma compares the baby-building to the creation of Matoran in G1. He goes on to compare Metru Nui to child slave labor. However, this is countered by the question of whether matoran brains are organic. This leads to a discussion of neurology, which leads to a discussion of BIONICLE G1's ridiculously long time periods. Jon asks the cast whether the matoran in G3 should have human lifespans. Meso closes the podcast with a Patreon shoutout to Austin Prentice before they come to a decision regarding this.




  • Exxtrooper isn't actually under contract by TTV. He's an honorary member of the group (like Takanuva).