The Great Calamity is the 155th episode of The TTV Podcast. It features futher discussion of 2016 leaks, BIONICLE 2015 website and webisode updates, and TTV MB Anniversary Prize Winners!


The podcast begins with some discussion about an interruption that happened at the beginning of the episode. It gets hectic, but eventually they make it into actual discussion about BIONICLE 2016 set names.

Afterwords, the Podcast begins to discuss many of the problems with the BIONICLE 2015 website, including a "giant black box" over the Okoto map, misspelled names, and miss-matched pictures. Afterwords, they discuss a bit about the new BIONICLE graphic novel that is supposed to come out, "Gathering of the Tor" (obviouslly a misspelling at the end). They ramble on about the misspellings, Meso's credibility, and other stuff.

Onward into the discussion, Meso brings up Hammer Flush, and soon the discussion goes on about cheese, with Eljay calling it the "Cheesepodcast." Varderan, bringing back to the conversation, Meso mentions about the original masks being in the new BIONICLE, along with thousands of other masks. Eljay also talks about how the City of the Mask Maker was frozen in time by a Great Cataclysm. Eljay calls these a G1 refrence, but Varderan and Exxtrooper criticize Eljay on so.

Eventually, they move onto the results of the contest results, talking about their favorite entries. The episode ends with complaining, with Eljay noting that everybody is not having a good morning. Of course, Mesonak once again speaks up, refuting Eljay by saying that he was having a good one.




  • This is the first appearance of the Cheese Podcast in the TTV Podcast.