The Elder Skralls is the 149th episode of The TTV Podcast. It features discussion on 2016 BIONICLE Leaks and the controversy of Viper mispronouncing "tomato."


The episode begins once again with a small, pointless discussion where they make a joke about "Elder Skralls." They soon get into discussion about the new BIONICLE 2015 wave 2 sets, commenting on some of the sets. (Primarily commenting on how Ekimu doesn't live up to their standards.)

Soon they get into conversation about the fake Bohrok leaks that were being talked about around the BIONICLE community, and debunked them as fake and explained why. They also said it was too early to talk about leaks coming out and then went on to talk about their experience with the first 2015 leaks.

Finally, they came to the point on the channel just2good, and how it was taken away for copyright reasons but now was brought up and more popular than ever. It goes onto conversation on the fame of Jangbricks. Soon, they get to a point when they discuss about Viper's comments on Tahu in a TTV talks episode, in which she explains why, but pronounces "tomato" as "toe-mah-toe." When Var asks her how to pronounce "potato," she gives the right pronounciation.



Jokes and Trivia

  • Viper's "Tomato" pronunciation controversy was featured in this episode.
  • The Bohrok Leaks were actually made by TTV Message Boards member StudentScissors.
  • This was the first video to be released early on Vessel.