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TTV taking a group photo at the Washington Monument in 2017, (from left to right) Eljay, Venom, Mesonak, Prpldragon, Jon, Exxtrooper, Tenebrae Invictus, Takuma Nuva, Avohkah Tamer and Varderan.

The TTV Channel (formerly thethreevirtues) is a LEGO news and entertainment company, primarily focusing on Bionicle and similar constraction franchises. Founded by Varderan in 2009 under the name iBZP as an open podcast for members of LEGO fansite BZPower, it branched out and became its own incorporated company as an LLC (Pandemic Panda LLC), including its own forum and news site. However, on March 15th, 2018, Pandemic Panda LLC was disbanded, and the group returned to being simply a group of friends rather than a company.


The TTV Channel is a LEGO-focused channel dedicated to bringing its viewers news and coverage of the company's themes. Originally dedicated to BIONICLE, the company has branched out into various different brands of LEGO. Other iinterests of the group include Overwatch.


TTV began back in 2009 under the name iBZP, made up of users on BZPower's discussion forum. Varderan was the founder, joined by users Starparu and Sideswipe, and were eventually joined by Mesonak, Eljay and Kini.

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After only nine episodes however, the iBZP Podcast closed down. Realizing that there was still potential for a LEGO themed podcast to succeed, Varderan branched out the focus of the podcast and, along with Mesonak and Eljay, re-branded it as "The Three Virtues Podcast".

The podcast focused on general LEGO, but also had a strong influence of BIONICLE mixed in. Instead of managing the podcast himself, Varderan gave control to Mesonak, and he has managed the TTV Podcast ever since.

As the years went on, several changes and several new faces appeared, including Jon, Venom, Phweffie and Tenebrae Invictus. All their content then moved to YouTube.

In 2014 the group again rebranded as "The TTV Channel". Also in 2014, Takuma Nuva and Exxtrooper joined the group as new hosts.

In Summer 2014, the first leak of BIONICLE's Second Generation emerged and TTV reported on it and gained instant popularity. As more and more leaks came out, their popularity amongst the community grew. In July 2014 TTV launched the TTV Message Boards, a forum where fans could interact and discuss LEGO.

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In 2015 the group continued to discuss and cover BIONICLE's second generation. In late 2015, the group decided to cease reporting on confidential leaks, despite the belief of some that such leaks were largely responsible for their newfound popularity. Although a number of fans dropped off because of this, their view count and subscriber rate continued to increase steadily.

In 2016 Prpldragon joined the crew as a host and artist for the group. Tenebrae Invictus also returned from his hiatus while serving as a missionary. In August 2016, six members of the group, Mesonak, Varderan, Viper, Kahi, Venom and Eljay went to Brickfair Virginia, the first time that all six of them had met in one place. They would talk to fans and meet with them. They also saw Suicide Squad on August 5th of that year.

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TTV taking a group photo at the Washington Monument in 2016, (from left to right we have) Varderan, Venom, Eljay, Jon, Phweffie, and Mesonak

During Brickfair also they recorded their first video Podcast, Podcast 207. Since returning they have told numerous stories of the week and posted vlogs they took.

In 2016, a few shows were introduced, such as The Brickfeed Podcast, Game Dev Tycoon, Undertale Let's Play and Matoran Escape with Meso and Viper. Only two of these shows remain, and one of them is currently on hiatus. Several shows were also discontinued this year, such as Don't Fight, TTV Talks, Product Showcase and the long-running Recap Reviews reached its conclusion. In October, the group took a hard hit when Vessel was "sunsetted" by Verizon, with most of the Vessel-exclusive shows being cancelled or going on hiatus.

In 2017, TTV launched a third Podcast, Ninjagocast, dedicated to Ninjago discussion.







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