is a BIONICLE set that came out in the year 2008 and has become a meme in the TTV community.


Solek was a BIONICLE set that came out in the Phantoka wave of BIONICLE sets for early 2008, along with 5 other Matoran sets, nicknamed the Kardatoran. It has a feature where it can attatch itself to the other Toa of the Phantoka wave.

In 2016, Mesonak unintentionally sparked the Solek meme after he stated he hated Solek during MakutaFest. He pointed out that it had a boring color scheme due to it being just white and grey. However, many fans decided to use this hatred against him, devoting themselves to Solek and praising it, creating several memes in the process. Eventually, the jokes went too out of control, and eventually the TTV Channel and Message Boards banned Solek memes.

Solek communities still thrived, of course, and went to several communities like Google+ and some went to openly defy the ban on the memes and tried to get into TTV livestreams, the Message Boards, and made other Wikia communities. Even some of the TTV Moderators participated in a few of the memes post-ban.

In the Phantoka Matoran Recap Review, Eljay infamously chain-sawed Solek in half as a final farewell to the in-joke.


  • Mesonak actually enjoyed the memes at first, until the joke became stale.