Eljay's Retired Reviews is an ongoing series in which Eljay gives subjective opinions of LEGO somethings. So far, he has used it to review the 2005 BIONICLE playsets.Bold text


With the Recap and Recent Reviews completed, and after doing a handful of Random Reviews, Eljay sought to do another cohesive, complete review series with an immediate focus on the LEGO BIONICLE system-scale playsets that saw a release in 2005.


  • Visorak's Gate
  • Tower of Toa
  • Visorak Battle Ram
  • Battle of Metru Nui
  • BIONICLE Playsets | 2005


  • Of the 2005 Playsets, Eljay enjoys the Battle of Metru Nui and the Visorak Battle Ram. He had mixed feelings on the Tower of Toa, and he did not like Visorak's Gate at all.

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