Eljay's Recap Reviews was a series hosted by cast member Eljay that was published from 2013 to 2016, with an epilogue released in 2017. It was one of the more popular series produced by TTV in its early years.


Eljay sets out to review every set from the original run of Bionicle (2001-2010), year by year. The reviews had a format in which before the actual review a skit will play, with other members of TTV doing voices for said skits, when necessary. Following, each episode opened with an intro in which Eljay would build his name out of LEGO bricks, placing a paper in front of it that documented the years that he had finished up to that specific point, as well as the name of the series.

Originally the paper read "set reviews" up until the 2002 reviews started. Since then it has been referred to as the Recap reviews.

Most of the time there would be a pros and cons section, where he would list the great and not so great things about a specific set.


In January of 2013, Eljay began the Recap Reviews, starting with the Toa Mata in 2001. After a brief pause, he was careful to consistently update his review series throughout 2013 and into 2014.

Eljay became upset when Greg Farshtey confirmed the "Gold Good Guy" set to be canon, and, as a result, had to do a recap review on him, delaying his review on the Piraka.

On October 17, 2014, Eljay hosted his fifth video Q&A, at the end of which he announced that he would resume his Recap Reviews on October 28, 2014, starting with the Voyatoran.

In 2015, Eljay completed his collection of BIONICLE sets, which he uses for the Recap Reviews.





















  • After the backlash in response to his opinions on the Toa Mata, Eljay usually described general opinions within the fandom or objective facts with these reviews.
  • In the skit for the Boxor review, Eljay appeared to run over Nuparu with an ATV. He did this to get revenge on the fans who asked him why he hadn't included Nuparu in his review of the 2001 Tohunga.
  • This series sprouted some memes within TTV's fandom, such as Eljay hating Red Axles and Blue Pins (due to his repeated references to them as a con in any given set)
  • In his review of the Av-Matoran, he sawed Solek in half using a chainsaw. This was in response to the "Solekian" meme, which annoyed TTV after a while.
  • The sets from Bionicle's second run (2015-2016) were not included in this series; rather, they had their own series, the Recent Reviews.
  • The Bionicle system sets from 2005-2007 were not included either; however, they have been included in a new series, the Retired Reviews.
  • The skits from each year were eventually combined together into a show called TTV Gag Reel, with a similar thing happening with the Recent Reviews.
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