Prentice1215 is a member of the Mod Squad 2.0, alongside BioKnight, Cocoa, ReeseEH and Spiderus Prime.


In 2016, Prentice1215 joined the TTV Message Boards.

On March 2018, Prentice became a member of the new group of moderators, and is still serving to this day.

Personal Channel Activity

Prentice1215 runs a YouTube channel under the same name. The content of the channel is primarily brickfilms (LEGO stop-motion films), but he has also done let's plays, set reviews and livestreams featuring the TTV PSN community.

One of his bigger projects is "Bionicle Reiterated" a retelling of G2's story. It also contains voice acting by TTV cast members Eljay, Deadmatoro, and Phweffie.


As a member of the TTV Crew, Prentice also has a special role in the TTV Sponsor Chat.

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