MNOG with Meso is the first of a series of shows in which Mesonak, with guidance and assistance from Eljay, plays through old BIONICLE story games. It is followed up by MNOG2 with Meso.


Unlike most of TTV's shows, Meso's BIONICLE play-throughs do not have a strict, set structure. Meso and Eljay introduce themselves, then they play through the game, starting wherever they left off in the last episode.

This show also features many references that TTV fans would later recognize, like "Your face is a skull!" and "The Miru is a dumb mask."

List of Episodes

  1. Intro/Charred Forest : The first episode opens with an introduction of the hosts, as well as an explanation of the background for the show, as Meso had never fully played through any part of the MNOG beforehand. In an irreverent style, they begin on the beach and head to the Charred Forest, ending in Ta-Koro.
  2. Ta-Koro This episode consists of Meso traveling through Ta-Koro, talking to Jala and Vakama. The Episode ends with Meso deciding to go to Ga-Koro.
  3. Ga-Koro This Episode starts with Meso walking out of Ta-Koro and taking a boat to Ga-Koro after being informed of a Tarakava attack by Macku. Meso solves a weighted puzzle to open the gate, and walks through the half-destroyed ruins as a result of the Tarakava attack. Meso then equips a backpack and (steals) a lightstone, before diving into the waters to find a missing gear that will allow the village pump to bring a hut filled with Ga-Matoran back up to the surface. Upon succeeding, the episode ends with an epic battle between the Tarakava and Toa Gali.
  4. More Ga-Koro
  5. Po-Koro
  6. More Po-Koro
  7. More Po-Koro/Onu-Koro
  8. Onu-Koro
  9. More Onu-Koro/Sundial
  10. Sundial/End of Onu-Koro
  11. Le-Koro
  12. Lewa Vs. Onua/Le-Koro
  13. Telescope/Ko-Koro
  14. Kopaka Vs. Muaka/Note Delivery
  15. The Chronicler's Company
  16. Toa Kaita/Kini Nui Battles
  17. Makuta/Ending
  18. Final Thoughts

Trivia and Jokes

  • MNOG with Meso has been the source of many jokes among TTV fans. One of the biggest comes from Episode 14, the source of the "Time-travelling Muaka" joke.
  • Many times in the series, Meso intentionally does the opposite of what Eljay tells him to do, out of curiosity.

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