Kini is a member of The TTV Channel, and semi-active host on The TTV Podcast.


In the early days of the group, Kini was brought in starting with episode 2 of iBZP, the predecessor to The TTV Podcast. He was invited after chatting with Varderan, Starparu, and Sideswipe on the instant messaging chat The BZPC. He was a regular member until the dispersion of iBZP eight episodes later.

The TTV Podcast

Kini first appeared as a host on The TTV Podcast in Episode 007. He was a mostly infrequent host during the first hundred episodes. After appearing in episode 100, he vanished. He was on for a total of 21 episodes.

Channel Activities

While Kini has been a member of The TTV Channel since early in its existence, his involvement has mostly been behind the scenes. While he has been a part of several videos outside of the Podcast - such as a video discussing the value of the Platinum Avohkii - his over-all presence has been small and even led to his status being that of a former host.


After having not appeared in a TTV video since The TTV Podcast Episode 100, it was announced on March 26th, 2018 that he had returned as a full member of The TTV Channel. He then appeared at the end of The TTV Podcast Episode 292, which infuriated Eljay.


  • Kini is Canadian, and one of only three TTV members to not be based in the United States.
  • Much to Eljay's frustration of Kini not waiting to appear for 8 more episodes to return in 300, Kini holds the record for longest amount of absences from the podcast, totaling at 192 episodes.

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