Invi's Impulsive Inspection is mostly a comedy in the guise of a review series, and has sometimes appeared plot-driven.


As the "Impulsive" in the title implies, there is no real reasoning as to why one set is chosen to be featured. It tends to be something that is currently on the shelves but is not restricted to a current set, or even a set at all (looking at you, Hordika costume).

The first arc of the series, comprising of the first two episodes revolve around Invi having the script to his show sabotaged supposedly by deadmatoro's college roommate. A conclusion is never shown. Similarly, the next villain Invi encounters, simply referred to as "Man," is chased away but the result of Invi's confrontation is left to the guess of the viewer.

The series caused some controversy. People were outraged when, in the second episode, Invi placed the pieces of his BrickHeadz Thanos directly on beach sand.

Thanos Pieces At The Beach


Deadmatoro & Madison Arc

  1. 30248 Green Ninja Mech Dragon Polybag
  2. 41605 BrickHeadz Thanos



  • The Vakama Hordika Costume Review is the channel's first video in a non-podcast series to tie-in with Halloween.

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