"Don't Fight" is the first playthrough with Jonathan Juan (then known as Kahi), playing through BIONICLE: Maze of Shadows, with Eljay as his guide and conversation partner. Only four episodes were made before the end of Vessel left the Let's Play on hiatus, and with the departure of Jon from the channel in 2018, it is highly unlikely that the series will ever be continued, let alone finished.


  1. Maze of Shadows - 01 - Fight for Fudge
  2. Maze of Shadows - 02 - We'll Get Over It
  3. Maze of Shadows - 03 - Not So Fight
  4. Maze of Shadows - 04 - Mouldy Pizza (Guest Starring - Viper)


  • The intro made reference to On Air and Biocraft, two projects that were started by Jon and Eljay, respectively that never came to fruition.
  • This is the second playthrough of Maze of Shadows; the first was done with Eljay and Alena.
  • The title and intro are references to a meme from one of the BIONICLE 2015 Animations.
  • At some point, they suggested bringing their mothers onto the show. This did not happen before it stopped.

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