Deadmatoro is one of the newer members of the TTV Channel.


Matoro was originally a fan of the TTV Podcast who was known to create animations of discussions from the TTV Podcast and iBZP. She attended BrickFair 2017 and provided the cast members fan drawings. She had messaged Tenebrae Invictus in the past about interests such as Akira and following BrickFair, Invi reached out to talk more and they became friends.

Joining TTV

Leading up to TTV's early 2018 shake-up, Invi introduced Matoro to multiple cast members as well as Eljay, and after TTV's shift in direction toward focusing on being a friend group first, Matoro was invited to join the channel. She was the first cast member added in 2018 who was not previously a part of the group (the other additions around the same time being prpl, Eljay and technically Kini). The other new cast member who joined later that year was Avohkah Tamer, but unlike Matoro, he was already a crew member of TTV.

Channel Activities

Matoro has appeared on the TTV Podcast as well as on two episodes of Invi's new show, "Invi's Impulsive Inspection".

She also appears in the vlogs from BrickFair Virginia 2018, and contributed the animation 'The Elevator Story' to the Day #4 episode.

In 2019, Invi (un)surprisingly released a video of unused BrickFair 2018 footage of matoro talking briefly about each of her favorite displays at the convention. It had not been released because it was missing 2/3rds of what was initially planned for the video. At the encouragement of the video, there was a resounding call from the audience for matoro to produce more content for the channel.

Personal Channel Activity

Deadmatoro posts her TTV Animated videos to her personal YouTube channel, deadmatoro.



A couple of short animations, one featuring Melonak by Matoro has also been featured on the TTV Channel.


  • Deadmatoro is one of two cast members that did not appear on The TTV Podcast prior to being announced as full members. The other is Hayley.

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