Brainstorm was a podcast created by TTV in 2017. It was initially created to give the TTV Cast a place to discuss their BIONICLE G3 pitches outside of The TTV Podcast.


After the cancellation of BIONICLE G2, TTV began talking about what they would do if they were to create a G3. Initially, the G3 discussion was held on The TTV Podcast, but it was eventually moved to its own show to open the former podcast up to its casual antics again. Initially the show was named Brickonicle, but the cast changed the name to Brainstorm so that it could be used for other topics in the future, when they have finished talking about their BIONICLE G3, such as NINJAGO. This never came to pass, for after Pandemic Panda was dissolved, the hosts cancelled Brainstorm because they felt that it was boring. The future of the G3 project remains up in the air.


  1. BIONICLE G3 TV Show Story, Demographic, and Network | Brainstorm #01
  2. BIONICLE G3 Makuta, Voriki, and Mask of Control | Brainstorm #02
  3. BIONICLE G3 Giant Monsters and Toa Flashbacks | Brainstorm #003
  4. BIONICLE G3 Community Feedback, Soundtrack, and Pitches | Brainstorm #004
  5. BIONICLE G3 Pilot Episode, Tahu Personality, and Storyboards | Brainstorm #005
  6. BIONICLE G3 Takua, Takanuva, and G1 Characters | Brainstorm #006
  7. BIONICLE G3 Episode 1 Script and Animation Style | Brainstorm #007
  8. BIONICLE G3 Cartoon Designs and Artwork Concepts | Brainstorm #008
  9. BIONICLE G3 Animation Techniques and Episode 2 Ideas | Brainstorm #009
  10. BIONICLE G3 Pohatu Nose Problems and New Matoran Designs | Brainstorm #010
  11. BIONICLE G3 Episode Outlines, Jokes, and Lewa Backstory | Brainstorm #11
  12. BIONICLE G3 Tahu Debate and Original Toa Connection | Brainstorm #12
  13. BIONICLE G3 Lewa Gender Debate Response and Episode 1 Script Update | Brainstorm #13
  14. BIONICLE G3 Rahkshi Backstories | Hungering for Onua's Love | Brainstorm #14
  15. BIONICLE G3 Mask of Time Questions, New Toa Teams, and Toa Babies | Brainstorm #15
  16. BIONICLE G3 AMAZING Set Designs and Rahkshi Weapons | Brainstorm #16
  17. BIONICLE G3 AWESOME Rahkshi Vehicle MoC | Brainstorm #17
  18. BIONICLE G3 Matoran Civil War LEGO Set Concept MoCs | Brainstorm #18
  19. BIONICLE G3 Episode 3 Script Reading and Discussion | Brainstorm #19
  20. BIONICLE G3 Battle Packs and Rock Racers | Brainstorm #20


  • The show was originally referred to as "Brickonicle", but they widened it to "Brainstorm", so that it could encompass pitches and discussion beyond the confines of BIONICLE G3. Thispoint was moot because they never got around to discussing other topics on the show before cancelling it.
  • The cast did not expect that they would end up creating a system theme.

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