"Welcome to BIONICLE Autopsy, the show where we cut through BIONICLE piece by piece."

BIONICLE Autopsy is among the best-known and most popular of TTV's shows. Varderan hosts the show, where he analyzes details of the BIONICLE lore, the BIONICLE fandom, LEGO's handling of the BIONICLE theme, or other topics related to BIONICLE. In this show, Varderan gets highly critical, analyzing every small detail of the topic, and drawing conclusions based upon the facts. Unlike most of TTV's shows, BIONICLE Autopsy does not have an established average length, being anywhere from 9 minutes to 47 minutes, although the episodes have gotten longer throughout the shows run.


In the episodes beginning, Varderan usually gives the shows name and catchphrase. Varderan then proceeds to discuss the topic at hand. Recent episodes have had a disclaimer at the very beginning stating that the episode is based on theories and opinions and should not be treated as fact.


  1. Elitism and Overzealous Fans Varderan discusses how demanding LEGO to bring back BIONICLE is neither a polite, nor an effective thing to do.
  2. Did Hero Factory Kill BIONICLE? Varderan explains that Hero Factory was created not to out-muscle BIONICLE, but instead to fill the void left by BIONICLE's own cancellation.
  3. The Return of BIONICLE and How it Would Be Handled Varderan hypothesizes the circumstances under which BIONICLE would be if it returned.
  4. What if BIONICLE Had Never Ended? Varderan discusses a variety of possible storytelling avenues that a hypothetically longer-lived BIONICLE could have taken, drawing on past LEGO themes for reference.
  5. What Made BIONICLE so Special? Varderan explains the secrets behind BIONICLE's original creation and concept.
  6. How BIONICLE Saved LEGO Varderan explains why BIONICLE saved LEGO from bankruptcy.
  7. How Storytelling Defined BIONICLE Varderan explains the importance of the different media comprising BIONICLE's story in its original run, and the missed opportunities it had.
  8. You Killed BIONICLE Varderan explains how lack of consumer interest, among other factors, led to BIONICLE's 2010 cancellation.
  9. Postmortem: Copyright and the Community ' Varderan discusses what can and should be done with the remaining story content from BIONICLE's original run. Mesonak, Eljay and Kahi were also present on this episode.
  10. Why was BIONICLE Cancelled? (The Return Revisited) Varderan looks back on his older videos to analyze why BIONICLE was really cancelled, now that BIONICLE has finally returned.
  11. The Makuta's Darkest Secret Varderan analyzes abandoned plot points from BIONICLE's original run in order to theorize what role Makuta may play in Gen 2 BIONICLE, also theorizing what the timeline of Okoto may be.
  12. Cause and Effect: Leak Season Explained Varderan explains the BIONICLE fandom's fascination with leaks and the effect it has on the theme, such as bootlegs.

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