The TTV Channel has held several April Fools' Jokes over the years.


April Fools' Day is an informal holiday for jokes (practical or otherwise) observed on April 1st every year by anyone eager for a laugh. The TTV Channel usually puts out one or more videos to celebrate it every year.


Curious Observation

These jokes have a strange tendency to be prophetic. The 2015 TTE Podcast joke started with a fake firing of Eljay on air. A year and a half later, in September 2017, Eljay was fired for real.

Likewise, the 2016 Civil War event that pitted Eljay against Jon in a climactic battle foreshadowed Jon's role in conspiring to remove Eljay from the channel.

It remains to be seen whether LEGO will reboot BIONICLE with a DUPLO theme.